Wednesday, September 11, 2002

How do I create such fresh hells?
Broke; contemplating dropping out of grad school; obsessing over someone i shouldn't (by all rights, i do mean, should NOT); freshly out of a roller coaster relationship; the only shining point being my underpaid yet interesting job, which is somewhat contingent on my student status...
ah, who the fuck caresz!
/ i'm not suicidal or anything, but the urge to
grows stronger daily. thus, my credit card bill will soon reflect the price of one ticket to SF, Cal. which I cannot afford. luckily things like these (all of the above) have a 'way of working things out..way of working things out...things out...things out...out--out...' ( sorry, mother's voice echoing in head).
where is my guy with cherry chapstick on and nothing more?

today was THEE fucking patriot day. the only highlights for me being
1) morning orgasm followed by bicycle ride to work in much cooler fallish air
2) hearing stereo totale 'we are dancing in a square' dedicated from girl to her fiance on college radio station this morning
3) securing free place to stay with cool human in SF
4) setting up blog site in order to bitch to faceless computer instead of boring actual friends
5) (get your war on)